Align your DevOps approach with government security standards for a clearer path to software accreditation and resiliency with Game Warden.
Building infrastructure that meets federal government security and compliance requirements while enabling DevOps practices isn’t simple. That’s why we built Game Warden, a platform that provides managed application hosting and a streamlined delivery of software for government use, while keeping your team unified and laser focused on your customer’s needs.
Perks of a DevSecOps Platform
Deploy Frequently Icon
Deploy Frequently
Leverage built-in DevOps principles enabling continuous improvement and delivery.
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Higher-Quality Software
Use DevOps processes to continuously gather feedback and implement with defense users.
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Clearer Prioritization
Gain visibility into the software lifecycle to address delivery chain issues early on.
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Alerting & Monitoring
Maximum health and uptime status through continuous monitoring and alerting.
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Automated Scanning
Finished containers and code are scanned for vulnerabilities.
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Full Software Security Compliance
Meets National Institute of Standards and Technology's Risk Management Framework (RMF) standards.
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